As mentioned in recent Web Coordinator Meetings, we’ve instituted two new elements in our website development process.

One of the new requirements is to include a marketing plan for any project coming to the Project Review Team for its initial meeting. The goal is to ensure that as new EERE websites are created, there’s an accompanying strategy for how they are promoted. Examples of marketing avenues include widgets, blog and Facebook posts, GovDelivery notifications, cross-posting on other EERE websites, etc. Your marketing plan doesn’t need to be elaborate; it can be as simple as one Progress Alert to announce your new site or application. The marketing plan element is now a checkpoint in the task list and schedule on the project information form Microsoft Word, and we just ask that you relay the plan to the PRT before your project goes live. We’ll give you more guidance about crafting your marketing plan in a future Web coordinator’s meeting.

The other new element is the content review process, which is also being added to the project info form as a checkpoint on the task list and schedule. About 18 months after your project goes live, we’ll ask you to reassess your project and its content. We’ll need you, at that point, to tell us which one of the following fits:

  • The content is approved as still current and valid.
  • The content needs updating (with notes on what specifically must be updated) or extensive modification.
  • The content may be archived and taken down.

Questions about these new processes? Contact Drew Bittner. And note that the revised project information form is available on the PRT wiki. Please use this version for any new projects.