You may have noticed that you now get a pop-up window when you click on an EERE link that points to a website outside of EERE. This pop-up is a new part of EERE's linking policy. EERE's always required that you spell out where a link will go in the link or the descriptive text around it. But now we've supplemented this with a pop-up window.

The new pop-up window looks like this:

 Pop-up box used on the EERE website that reads, 'You are now leaving a U.S. Department of Energy website. Click on the link below to continue, or you may select Cancel.'

It's a federal requirement to notify your users—in one way or another—that a link will take them to another website. The new pop-up window ensures that your users know that the site they're going to is not maintained by EERE.

But what if your site is maintained by EERE, but it's still triggering the pop-up? Well, even an EERE site will trigger the pop-up if:

  • The site does not have a .GOV URL
  • The site is not hosted in one of EERE's approved hosting environments
  • The site is not in EERE's template and is not approved to be out-of-template
  • The site does not met EERE's Quality Assurance standards.

If your site falls under these requirements, you can meet with the Web Governance Team to see what you can do to meet some of these standards.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you can leave a comment here on the blog or email the Communication Standards webmaster!