Every year, the EERE Web site puts together a report about how the Web site performed during the past fiscal year. The newly released Fiscal Year (FY) 2008 report provides a wealth of information about how many people are visiting EERE, what they are coming to see, and where they are coming from.

This year's report includes more in-depth information than in previous years. On top of the normal analysis of monthly visitors, top pages, and top sites, the FY08 report also includes information on the top 20 referrers from commercial search engines and other Web sites, the number of visitors to the EERE Consumer site area, the number of people using the AddThis tool on Consumer, an analysis of our social media projects in FY08, and more. There is information about all three of EERE's corporate-level newsletters, and sections devoted to the EERE redesign project, the RedDot hosting environment, and some of the significant feedback we received in FY08.

To learn more about how the site performed in FY08, read the full text of the EERE Web Site Year-End Report: FY08 (PDF 740 KB). Download Adobe Reader.

And if you need to find it later, remember that you can always find the most current report on the Communication Standards Home page, and you can read older reports on the Web Site Reports page.

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