Microsoft has released the newest version of its browser, Internet Explorer 8, and we have added it to the standard testing suite for EERE Web sites. The new browser is much more compatible with Web standards than Internet Explorer 6 and 7, but as a result may break sites coded for these older versions.

Note that if you are currently use RedDot to update EERE Web pages, you should not update to Internet Explorer 8 yet. RedDot will not currently work with this version of Internet Explorer. An announcement will be sent out to all RedDot users when this issue has been patched.

We suggest that developers take a look at their EERE sites in Internet Explorer 8 to make sure everything looks and is working as expected. Sites must also still work in Internet Explorer 6 and 7. A useful tool for checking compatibility is the IETester, a free Web browser that allows you to have the rendering and JavaScript engines of IE 6, 7, and 8.

For more information, see EERE's standard testing suite.