We're always trying to grow and develop EERE's Web Standards to make them more useful to the many people who work on EERE. One of the topics people are most interested in is videos—how they're handled on EERE, how they're formatted, and how they're posted. So we have recently released the Technical Standards for Videos on EERE.

The new standards feature the new EERE video skin that is now the new standard on EERE. The skin includes the "click to play" and control buttons that make up the "shell" of a video. The new standards draw attention to this new shell and its capacity for synchronous captioning. You can see the new shell in use in the ITP Super Boiler video.

The page also provides technical guidelines for sizing and formatting your videos, and provides requirements and best practices for videos on EERE. Also covered is a brief explanation of how to write text versions for your videos.

If you have any questions or thoughts about these new standards, or have ideas for other standards that could benefit those working on EERE, please feel free to leave them in the comments.