A new link, called "Programs and Offices," is being added to the standard EERE template. This link is located in the upper right hand corner of the EERE template, beneath the search box and "EERE Information Center," and links to a short page that allows visitors to navigate to other EERE programs or offices.

For an example of the "Programs and Offices" link, see the upper right hand corner of the Building Technologies Program Home page, which leads to the new Programs and Offices page.

EERE has received feedback from its users that it is difficult to navigate from one part of the EERE Web Enterprise to another. Visitors who are very deep in the content of one site have not been able to view content on other sites without returning to the EERE home page and navigating back down. This new Programs and Offices link provides users with a way to navigate from part of the Web site to a completely different EERE program or office.

Because this is now a standard part of the EERE template, it will be added to all EERE pages. From now on, when you publish a page in the Content Management System, this link will be automatically added to your page. On September 25, all pages that have not yet been updated will be force-published to add this new link to the page. This will not affect pages that are waiting on development for review.