The form that you fill out to initiate your team's check-in with the Project Review Team for a new website project has been revised. The project information form, which is also posted on the home page of the PRT Wiki, now incorporates the task list and schedule that your team once filled out with the project charter a little later in the process. This task list and schedule are now pared down, as well, to enable teams to better concentrate on core tasks and checkpoints in project development. Other sections of the form have been simplified to improve clarity. So download that new version of the form, or bookmark the PRT home page to easily access the most updated form for any future Web projects.

Please also note that when it comes time for your program or office to rearchitect the content on its website as part of the overall EERE website redesign effort, there is a different, shorter version of the project information form to use. This form, also posted on the home page of the PRT wiki, only asks a few basic questions. The PRT interface for program or office site re-architectures will be just one introductory Thursday afternoon call-in with the PRT, rather than checking back in with monthly status updates and a go-live request later, as is the process for standard development projects in the EERE Web Enterprise.