Several changes have been implemented to the EERE website statistics reporting package. These modifications were necessary due to changes in the WebTrends contract structure and resources required for processing EERE statistics at WebTrends.

Main Menu

  • The main menu still includes reports for EERE Corporate and EERE Program.

  • Statistical reports for EERE Corporate and EERE Program now cover data from October 1, 2006 forward. There are three exceptions: EERE Total, DOE Hydrogen, and PHEE/Energy Savers reports contain data from previous fiscal years.

  • We moved some reports to reflect changes in EERE organization. For example, Clean Cities is now listed under FCVT.

Archives for FY05 and FY06

  • Archives are still listed below the main menu.

  • Archives now include a link for "Statistics Archive Oct 2004 through Sep 2006." This is where you access FY05 and FY06 data for all EERE statistical reports except EERE Total, DOE Hydrogen, and PHEE/Energy Savers.

  • Archived statistical reports are listed under programs to which they belonged in FY05. For example, Clean Cities is listed under WIP.

  • If an archived statistical report does not contain data for the two full years, we note the date range it covers.

Data in Statistical Reports for October 2006

  • The WebTrends changes required adding additional code to EERE pages. We were not able to finish adding the code to RedDot pages before the servers were taken down. Therefore, statistics data for RedDot pages will not be complete for October 2006. When RedDot is back up and RSIS is finished adding the special code, WebTrends will resume capturing data for RedDot pages. Unfortunately, we will not be able to go back and capture the missing data. You will need to allow for the missing data when you prepare reports that include October 2006 statistics.

  • Most reports are shorter and list only the top 200 visitors, page views, search phrases, etc.

  • You may notice a slight drop (~1-3%) in visits and visitors due to a change in how WebTrends records activity around midnight.
    Previously, if someone visited an EERE site at 11:55 p.m. and stayed past midnight, WebTrends recorded this as activity for both days.
    WebTrends now records this as activity for one day only.

  • Information on first-time visitors and IP addresses for visitors is no longer available.

  • There is a new option for data on PDF activity. To access this option, go to "URL Parameter Analysis" in the left navigation and select "File Downloads."

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