The user guide to the OpenText CMS has been updated again to reflect several changes the EERE sites have seen in the past year or so: a new template, a mobile variant, and other features such as the feedback widget. The updated versionPDF of the guide is now available on the Communication Standards site, and it will be our final version of the document, due to the planned move to the Drupal platform for the EERE Centralized Web Hosting Environment.

The updated OpenText user guide includes these new sections:

  • Edit Text-Based Left Navigation
  • Edit the Mobile Variant
  • Add a New Feature to One Page: 2010 Template
  • Add / Update Featured Publications
  • Add the Feedback Widget and Access Its Data
  • Publish a Thank-You Page for a Form
  • Publish an Edit to the Live Server While Retaining Changes on Staging, and more-detailed for developers, Send Page Edits Live While a Separate Version is Retained on the Staging Server

The guide includes updated sections on the Quick Links box and adding Flash or video content to a page. Also updated are the list of files accepted by the ATS and the table of keywords for all sites in OpenText.

Special thanks to the CMS users who suggested edits to the guide! And, as always, let your EES representative know of any feedback or questions you have regarding the new version.