In response to some questions we've gotten regarding what type of content goes into the About the Program section versus what content goes into the Deployment section for the new Web site redesigns, we've added some clarification to the Standards site.

ABOUT THE PROGRAM: Information on the program's mission, staff, contacts, budgets, organizational charts and responsibilities, policies, success stories, outreach strategies, funded activities, and future plans.

DEPLOYMENT: Information on the deployment products, services, or activities supported by the program (note that all "products" — publications, software, models, etc. — would reside under "Information Resources" but you can always link to your relevant products from the Deployment section). Could include information on activities and products for improving awareness about the application of available energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and practices. Energy audits and assessments, training and technical assistance, energy management "best practices," awards and recognition, demonstrations, success stories, patents, licenses, and testing and evaluation projects are all examples of deployment activities.