We continue to refine the EERE Web Site Standards to make the standards more clear and helpful to you. There are now new sections covering HTML syntax standards, site maintenance procedures, and an updated Quality Control checklist.

Here are the most recent updates:

  1. Updated HTML Syntax page — EERE has established HTML syntax standards to ensure that our Web sites are accessible to as many users as possible. This describes EERE's policy regarding W3C Standards compliance.
  2. New Maintenance page — EERE programs and offices are responsible for regular site maintenance and quality control. This describes the maintenance process and standards for EERE sites:
  3. Updated QC Checklist — This expanded template section will make it easier for you to check your site before submitting it for final QA:


With 16 sites live and many more in production, we are excited to see the EERE Web site come together. Thanks for all your efforts.