Some of our readers may be wondering, how does EERE keep track of all the grants and cooperative agreements awarded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act).  How can we make sure these projects are being run well and achieve what they were supposed to?  We do this through careful monitoring of our recipients and their projects. 

EERE’s oversight monitoring program is intended to ensure successful use of Federal funds and to assure quality management controls and procedures are in place and used by Recipients to minimize and eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse of these Federal funds.   One piece of monitoring is learning how to spot potential issues and to provide guidance to our Recipients before issues strike.  To accomplish this, our program strives to facilitate best practices sharing and provide technical assistance where needed and applicable. 

Our next post will describe one of the factors we took into consideration when developing our monitoring framework which continues to inform the process as we move forward: audits and reviews.