Sometimes, a program selects a particularly reliable company for multiple awards due to its unique capabilities.  One such recipient is a solar research, development, and manufacturing company that received five separate awards.  While each of its five awards is stand-alone in nature, technology development efforts can complement and overlap. The complexity created by so many employees with different roles and overseeing different processes can require additional review to identify when and where these overlapped efforts can occur.


In order to manage such a wide range of milestones and funds, staff at EERE headquarters and the Golden Field Office convened a technical design review to simultaneously review three of the awards. As a result, an opportunity was identified to integrate the results from one project into the design efforts of a second, larger project.


The Project Officer then successfully negotiated a consolidation of efforts between these two projects, so that they both came in under budget. This created a net savings of $500,000 to the Federal government, which can certainly be put to good use elsewhere. EERE staff expects that regular monitoring and oversight will continue to identify such opportunities for substantial costs savings as mutually-beneficial outcomes come to light.