EERE RDD&D project officers submit standard desktop review reports delineating the quarterly outcomes of Recovery Act awards, as outlined in a previous post.  Submissions for the Second Quarter of Fiscal Year 2011 began May 2, so we’d like to provide our readers with a look back at the results of the previous two quarters of reporting. 

Headquarters received all expected RDD&D desktop review reports for Fourth Quarter Fiscal Year 2010 and First Quarter Fiscal Year 2011 (over 700). Our analysis of the data indicates the vast majority of projects are on schedule, on budget and within scope. 

Schedule delays are the most commonly reported issue. Reasons for these delays include changing plan parameters, external market conditions, and issues with accounting or invoicing.  EERE project officers, program personnel, and subject matter experts are actively addressing these issues as they come to our attention. In some cases, EERE staff have worked with recipients to issue official Corrective Action Plans, which outline specific actions recipients must take to address deviations from their original plans. 

We at the Department of Energy are committed to acting as responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars. EERE staff are actively monitoring and overseeing grants, developing and implementing mitigation strategies and corrective actions when issues arise, and holding grantees responsible to ensure there is no fraud, waste or abuse of federal funds.  We are constantly learning as we move forward – collecting best practices and sharing those lessons across our organization – which continues to strengthen our monitoring efforts.