Located just 30 miles away from the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) -- the Department of Energy’s (DOE) primary energy efficiency and renewable energy laboratory-- the CU Cleantech New Venture Challenge is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the lab’s many technology commercialization resources.

As the first in our series of Webinars, we were excited to host Meghan Bader, a Project Leader from NREL to present on the topic of “DOE EERE Laboratories as a Resource for CU Cleantech New Venture Challenge Teams”. The webinar focused on a couple of NREL’s resources: The Energy Innovation Portal and the NREL Strategic Energy Analysis Center. Meghan strongly encourages New Venture Challenge hopefuls to explore and take advantages of the resources and stressed that NREL researchers and staff are available to assist the competing teams. Specifically, the Portal and Analysis Center can help teams identify technologies (the Portal contains more than 15,000 DOE funded patents and patent applications) and understand each technology’s market implications.

Aerial photo of the NREL Visitors Center.

As part of NREL’s mission to transfer knowledge from laboratory to the public sphere, the NREL & CU Cleantech partnership is mutually beneficial. Through the partnership, NREL will also provide 60 hours of commercialization assistance to the competition’s 1st and 2nd place finishers.

Thank you Meghan for the great presentation and I recommend for all New Venture Challenge teams to review the presentation for ideas on how to strengthen their business plan submissions.

nrel logo

What a great start to the CU Cleantech webinar series. Our next webinar will take place on Jan 18th at 5:15pm MST on the “Unique Challenges Facing Cleantech Startups”. It will be a live broadcast from the New Venture Challenge Startup Boot Camp, and we’ll be taking questions from the audience and the web. Visit our webinar website to learn more about the webinar series and to register for the Jan 18th webinar.

As always, if you have any questions about the CU Cleantech New Venture Challenge or how your team can get involved, please e-mail me at: steve.herschleb@colorado.edu.

Thanks so much,

Steve Herschleb
Manager- CU Cleantech New Venture Challenge