Welcome to the National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition website and we’re excited to use this site to share information about the six DOE-selected Regional Cleantech Business Plan Competitions, highlight their accomplishments, and share stories about relevant events and news in clean tech innovation and entrepreneurship.

Earlier this week Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu, stated:


“When it comes to the clean energy race, America faces a simple choice: compete or accept defeat. I believe we can and must compete.”

And perhaps the most critical component of being able to compete in the clean energy race, is that of innovation and entrepreneurship - the ability to innovate new energy technology solutions and bring these ideas to market through creative business plans. And that’s where the National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition comes in. Over the next eight months, six Regional Competitions and a Final National Competition will challenge university teams, representing the entire country, to develop innovative cleantech start-ups.

So roll up your sleeves, polish off your ideas, and the Regional and National competitions look forward to seeing your business plan ideas. Some of the competitions are already accepting applications! Make sure to check out your Regional Competition to learn how you can participate.

University student business creation competitions have long been an active source of new U.S. start-ups and a training ground for some of America’s best entrepreneurs. With the National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition, we’re excited to help grow the university entrepreneur community.


Thanks for visiting and check back often for updates from DOE and all the regional competitions!

DOE National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition Staff